Take Action!

Please support our community and take the actions below to show our government officials that Wanaki is an important part of our community.  One of the best things you can do is call Wanaki at 262-252-3480 and make a tee time!  If you haven't been there in a while, the course is in excellent condition!

Send County Executive Farrow an email and tell him NO to closing Wanaki Golf Course.

Call County Executive Farrow at 262-548-7902

Department of Land Use and Parks Meeting

Tuesday October 1st 8:30am

Waukesha County Administrative Center Room AC 130

Please attend this meeting if you can to show your support for Wanaki Golf Course.  Keep in mind the public is not allowed to speak at these meetings unless allowed by the committee chairperson.  However, the presence of even a few dozen people will be noticed since these meetings are sparsely attended by the public.

About Us


Sign Petition

We need signatures on our petition to send a message to our County Executive and the County Board that Wanaki Golf Course is an integral part of our community.  Wanaki Golf Course promotes an active lifestyle because it is an easy course to walk, has great conditions, and actively supports junior golf programs.


Donate to GoFundMe Account

The press release from Waukesha County Executive states that Wanaki is in need of repair and has been losing money for the last several years.  Help us fund the campaign to keep Wanaki open and cover the improvements needed.


Contact your County Board Member

Contact your county board member here and tell them to vote 

NO to closing Wanaki Golf Course in the 2020 budget. 

Waukesha County Board District Map

Waukesha County Board Members

Contact Parks and Land use Director

Call Parks and Land Use Director Dale Shaver at (262) 896-8300 

and tell him NO to closing Wanaki Golf Course

Important notes



2018 was the 3rd wettest year on record for the Milwaukee area. Wanaki lost 40 days of play due to rain and unplayable conditions from August 17th through September 30th. This resulted in an approximate loss in revenue of $385,000 

(per Dale Shaver - Director of Parks and Land Use)


Thanks to the new bridges that improve water flow along the river and the great weather conditions, Wanaki has seen a huge resurgence. Through the end of August 2019 Wanaki revenues are up well over $200,000 compared to 2018.



  In 1967, Waukesha County received grant funding to assist with the purchase of the land which is now Wanaki Golf Course. The general intent of the grant is to ensure the property serves a recreational use by a future owner or the County needs to provide a park amenity elsewhere.  The Village of Menomonee Falls has jurisdiction over land use and zoning for this property.